The popularity of Facebook has given dental practices a whole new way to interact with current, lapsed and prospective patients. Practices share photos, humor, expressions of thanks and so much more. However, the benefits of employing Facebook in your marketing strategy go far beyond lighthearted fun. Here are 4 serious reasons why you should include Facebook in your marketing plan.

Greater Retention.

Interacting through Facebook allows you to maintain relationships with current and lasped patients. Fostering these connections helps keep your schedule full and demonstrates that you value your patients as people; you care about them not just treat their problems. When your patients have a personal connection to your practice, they have a stronger emotional investment and loyalty to your office.

New Patients.

Similar to your website, your Facebook page acts as a digital brochure that provides prospective patients with insight into your practice. Your profile provides vital information about your practice (such as your address and office hours), while your posts and interactions with patients allow your practice’s personality to shine. Your posts, likes and shares help generate top-of-mind awareness of your practice and publicize your brand.

Increased Care Acceptance.

Your page is a means of communicating with your patients in between visits and establishing your practice as a trusted source of information about dental health. Use Facebook as an educational tool and a place to tell stories that spread about new and previously recommended treatments and services. 4. Added Practice Equity Being active in social media increases your practice’s name recognition, which in turn broadens your reach and enables you to connect with prospective patients who might not be accessible otherwise.

Content is King.

Just having a Facebook page will not contribute to your bottom line. It is what you do with your page that can make it great for business. Successful Facebook pages are user focused, active and closely monitored. The content on your Facebook page should be focused on the interests of your audience. Posting frequently creates opportunities for engagement. Monitoring your page closely ensures that you can respond to posts promptly and keep the conversation going. The more you engage with people on your page, the better.

No time to come up with content for your Facebook page? No problem.

Using a service like PracticeMojo takes the guesswork out of what to post. PracticeMojo clients receive two post-ready ideas per week as well as bonus marketing tips to help keep patients engaged and their schedules full. Clients choose which posts they want to use and simply copy and paste them onto their Facebook page as-is or modify them however they like.  According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively. Posts between 100-250 characters receive 60% more likes, comment