When you reflect on how you get patients to accept your treatment plans, what comes to mind? Maybe a conversation of benefits. A brochure. And if you’re really good, a visual aid like a 3-D model or video. But case acceptance is more than any of these steps. Case acceptance starts with every new patient—from the very first phone call to the last follow-up visit.

They’ve made an appointment… Now what?

Your new patient has scheduled an appointment. That doesn’t mean you should wait until they get to the office before you communicate with them again. Rather, use this as an opportunity to make the glowing first impression that’ll lead to a greater chance of case acceptance later on. With PracticeMojo, you can send automated, customizable reminders to every new patient via phone call, text and email—without sacrificing the human touch. Sending two or three reminders prior to their first visit creates accountability and lets you communicate your no-show policies, keeping your schedule full.

Take their first appointment from mundane to memorable.

Case acceptance goes up with an effective first appointment orientation. According to Roger P. Levin, DDS: “Very few practices think of the first new patient visit as ‘orientation.’ They typically either give patients a pile of forms to fill out or give them a cursory greeting and assume that value building will take place in the clinical area. This is a mistake.” Set expectations with your staff as to how patients should be greeted, how to orient them to your practice and team, and most importantly—how to add getting-to-know you dialogue in your initial conversations.

Make follow-up care true care.

Your follow-up care protocol depends on the scope of your suggested treatment plan. Either way, you promote accountability for continued visits by creating an agreement for when the next patient communication should happen. For instance:

“Terry, Dr. Vasquez recommends that we see you in the next three months to start your periodontal treatment. When would be a good time to set up an appointment?”

Don’t forget to ask each patient how their visit was and if they have any questions or concerns they’d like to address before their next visit. By creating a strong relationship with new patients from the very first phone call, you improve case acceptance. And when it comes to strong relationships, there’s no substitute for the consistent, personalized communication you can provide with PracticeMojo.