Listen, Act, Earn, Increase

Online reviews influence the buying decisions of a whopping 88% of consumers. What does this mean for dental practices? Online reputation can influence whether they thrive or fail. Choose to thrive. Read the tips below for keeping your practice’s reputation in tip-top shape online.

Put Yourself in Your Patient’s Shoes

How often do you visit your websites and social media pages? If and when you visit, are you using both a PC/lap top AND a mobile device? Visiting your websites and social media pages regularly and on different devices will allow you to experience them fully as an end user. Compare your experience and rankings with your competitors’ sites to help gauge any improvements you need to make.

Own Your Online Presence

Your website, social media and review sites benefit from you actively responding to reviews and feedback. Combine this with “concise, consistent description, contact info and quality imagery,” in Craig’s words, to influence your patient loyalty and advocacy in a positive way.

Train Your Staff to Be Proactive with Patient Care

Clarify your vision of patient care, define steps to realize it with your staff and train your staff accordingly. Thorough training in the art of customer service helps maintain credibility and prevent slip ups. Think of it as preventive care for your online reputation.

Make it Systematic

According to online reputation management expert, Daniel Edward Craig, you manage your online reputation through this basic system:

  1. Listen to reviews and feedback
  2. Act to improve as needed
  3. Earn loyalty and advocacy
  4. Increase demand for your services!

When you listen to what patients are telling you online and respond consistently and appropriately online and in-person, you make your online reputation the best it can be. Need help staying connected with your patients in a way that’ll bolster your reputation both on and offline? View a live demo of PracticeMojo™ to see how we can help you get more reviews on the sites you want! Request a demo and you’ll even get a FREE $25 Amazon gift card.