The cost of dental care is often the number one reason patients delay necessary dental work. Targeting patients with dental insurance, where cost is less likely to be a barrier, is the most effective reactivation campaign you can do. Think about what percentage of your patient file has dental insurance. Oftentimes patients overlook their own benefits. Help them remember to use them by reaching out to your entire patient file—at a minimum, those with dental insurance—and make them aware of the free preventive cleanings they are eligible for through their dental insurance. They will appreciate the reminder and you’ll be creating a low barrier offer that you can ideally use to transform a lapsed patient into a current one.

Launch Your Own Successful Benefits Reminder Campaigns

Begin by reaching out to all insured patients with an email or text message. Allow 7-10 days for patient to call in and schedule. If no response, send a postcard. REMEMBER to contact patients using the method(s) they prefer. For example, don’t text a patient who has opted out of your texts or send an email to someone who has unsubscribed. According to the ADA, 53% of the U.S. population have dental insurance.


You will want to target insured patients who do not have any upcoming appointments with benefits reminder campaigns. These patients are the most likely to respond since insurance removes most financial reasons to delay care. Reactivation campaigns that focus on a patient’s benefits are also a great way to avoid sounding too “salesy.” There are lots of great seasonal campaigns you can run for benefits reminders.

Keep in mind that most dental benefits plans include two preventive visits a year. If you reach out to patients in time for them to schedule their first visit before July 1, you help patients maintain their oral health and give them time to schedule their second cleaning during the insurance allocated timeframe. Plus, any treatment that is recommended early in the year can be scheduled over the following six months. You’ll be helping patients minimize out of pocket expenses while keeping your office busy. The earlier in the year you launch your campaign, the more success you will realize. There will be more time to get patients scheduled which they will appreciate. You will appreciate increased response rates that multiple contact methods generate. Run a campaign in Spring, early Summer and another in Fall for maximum appointments. Keep your tone friendly and fun and include the date of their last dental visit. Realizing how much time has passed since their last visit can prompt them to call and schedule. You can also use an educational approach and stress the importance of oral health to overall wellness. You still want to create a sense of urgency by reminding them they should not let their benefits go to waste.

Utilizing PracticeMojo’s reactivation campaigns will ensure that your schedule stays full all year long.  Its important to keep marketing even during busy months to maintain your practice’s output.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at 800.556.2580