A new year comes with new goals, so you’ll want to make sure the foundation of your office is running smoothly.  A dental practice can’t run without patients and patients can’t be seen unless appointments are made. It can be a challenge at times to motivate your staff to get more appointments booked, but with the right incentives you can increase your monthly production while also energizing our team.

Track Your Progress

It’s impossible to see how far you’ve gone unless you can look back and see where you’ve been. Each area of the office (front, hygiene and doctors/assistants) should have their own worksheets to track the progress that they are making in their departments. For instance, the number of recall appointments confirmed for the month, how many bleaching trays they made, the number of treatment plan acceptances they were able to schedule, etc.

Set a Monthly Goal

Where do these numbers relate to where you want the practice to actually be? Would you like new patient visits to be doubled, or your hygienists to make at least 5 sets of whitening trays each week? Line it out and set goals on these progress sheets. The numbers don’t lie!

Establish a Bonus Program and Reward Your Team

Last of all, reward your staff. If all (or specific) departments hit their goal numbers, offer to split a 10% production bonus made off of these additional procedures between your staff. For instance, if you are only making 2 sets of whitening trays a week, bump it to 5, and charge $200 per set, this increases your production that week to $600. At the end of the month that number comes out to $2,400. If you have two hygienists that you split $240 between, they receive an additional $120 on that paycheck. The same thing can be done in any department of your office! You decide to set the goals based on what your practice needs the most. When everyone benefits, everyone becomes a team and starts helping each other out. It’s a great way to start 2015 off on the right track!

A well motivated team can make a huge impact on the overall health of your practice.