Many dental practices who use social media are constantly wondering what else they can do on their page to increase engagement (such as Likes, comments, and follows). One way Facebook allows brands and businesses to interact with their followers is through poll questions.

Asking poll questions is a great way to learn more about your audience (patients), generate new topic ideas for posts, and interact with your audience.

To create a poll question, simply go to your practice’s Facebook page and go to write a post. From there, click “poll” in the drop-down options.

Once you click Poll, you’ll type your question and the two answer options. You may also set the duration to notate when you want the poll to stop, so you can also share your results with your audience as well. Once you’re all set, simply hit publish and wait for the results to come in!


To help you start, we’ve also provided a few sample questions of what you can poll your audience about:

  1. Do you prefer text or email appointment reminders?

Option 1: Text message

Option 2: Email

  1. Do you like to get postcards in the mail?

Option 1: Yes, I love them!

Option 2: No, I toss them immediately.

  1. Do you typically open and respond to emails within 24 hours?

Option 1: Yes, absolutely!

Option 2: No, my inbox is overflowing.

  1. How many appointment reminders do you prefer leading upto a dental visit?

Option 1: At least 3

Option 2: Under 3

  1. Do you want to see more posts about…

Option 1: Special offers and promotions

Option 2: Tips to keeping a healthy smile

To learn more about enhancing your practice’s social media presence, contact PracticeMojo at (800) 556-4580 or click here to learn more about our Facebook Pro solution.