Social media is a great way for businesses – including dental practices – to build relationships, reinforce trust and credibility, and increase referrals and website traffic.

And though 54% of dentists have reported to utilize social media as part of their marketing strategy,1 there are still many practices who wonder if investing time and money in social media is “worth it” for their practice.

Here are a few of the top ways that dentists are utilizing the power of social media today to benefit their practice:

  • Educate patients: Social media goes hand-in-hand with blogging and writing educational articles that can inform visitors, patients, and potential patients about all-things dental care related. If you take time to write blog articles about dental services, common patient FAQs, or other late-breaking news in the industry – not only will you help your website’s search rankings and further establish yourself as an expert in the field, but you can share these articles on social media to gain even more traction and traffic. Pull quotes and stats from your articles and use it as a teaser on social media while including a link to view the full article.
  • Learn about patients by asking poll questions: Dentists can use the Facebook “poll” question feature to learn more about the habits, likes, dislikes, and opinions of patients to make smarter decisions for their practice that will enhance the patient experience and overall satisfaction. You can post poll questions to learn their preferred way to be contacted, appointment time preferences, topics they want to learn more about, and more!
  • Promote your services to keep appointment books full. While it’s not good form to always have a promotional post, an occasional call out that encourages people to contact your practice isn’t a bad thing. You can showcase free consultations, reminders to schedule appointments before the end of the year, special offers for referrals, and more!
  • Showcase positive online patient reviews. Having a strong online reputation is one of the most important elements of online marketing today. On Facebook, people can leave reviews right on the practice’s page to show others what it’s like to be a patient. As a dentist, you should encourage happy patients to leave a positive review on your Facebook page and be sure to thank them when they do! The more reviews and endorsements you have, the more credible your practice becomes to a potential patient.

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1 Source: ProSites Benchmark Report