When it comes to email, most people, including your patients – receive over 120 a day. It’s safe to say we are all way too reachable and sometimes by just emailing someone on too-busy of a day is enough to get your email immediately moved to “trash.”

Here are a few key ways to ensure your dental practice’s emails get noticed by patients:

  • Have a great subject line. Just as important as it is to catch attention, you must also accurately describe what the email will be about. Subject lines are best when personable, concise (under 50 characters), and timely. Make sure to also avoid words that could get you filtered to SPAM folders, like using the word “FREE.”
  • Keep your message simple and call-to-action clear. People are digesting content all the time – and it’s hard for us to keep up anymore. Keep emails packed with need-to-know information, under 100 words, and include a strong call-to-action on what you want patients to do next.
  • Be mobile-friendly. Most patient emails are now read on a mobile device. Give patients an optimal viewing experience by ensuring your email templates are all mobile-friendly. This helps minimize their need to pinch/zoom and potentially delete an important message.
  • Conduct tests and measure success. Test different send times, offers, calls-to-action, and subject lines to see which ones get most opens, reads, and responses. This information will help you understand what is important to patients and you can better cater your messaging down the road to fulfill their needs

Email marketing can be a powerful communication channel for your dental practice, so make sure you -are utilizing it correctly! To learn more about standing out in a cluttered inbox, call PracticeMojo at (800) 556-2580.