You simply can’t have a productive business anymore without the right online reputation. Dental reviews posted online have become an expected and trusted source of information for potential patients to find the right dentist. That means going beyond a simple business webpage and reaching out to review sites, social media, and online business listings. Once you’re out there though, you need to take special steps to make sure that prospective patients see what it is you want them to see.

Lead Your Patients Where You Need Them

Services like PracticeMojo help your patients easily submit feedback about their appointments for your online review site. Of course you want your very best patients to leave feedback about your practice, because you want patients that are just like them. Make it easy for these patients to refer their friends or even strangers by getting their reviews onto web listings like Google or Yelp! The majority of people will not feel compelled to go out of their way to leave a review unless they had an extremely negative (or sometimes positive) experience. Take care of that by giving them the chance right then and consider offering an incentive for it, such as a free gift or a coupon. You will want to ask them in person after the appointment, and follow that up with an email asking them to leave a review for your practice.  By asking in person first before they leave the office, this also gives you the opportunity to alleviate any issues or concerns before they get home and leave what could have been a negative review.

Don’t Forget About It

It’s perfectly normal for any business to get a bad review. What you don’t want is for those bad reviews to make up the bulk of what prospective patients see online. A negative review every now and then won’t offset your reputation by much, because everyone knows that there are “bad apples” out there in the world. To help keep those negative reviews to a minimum, it’s important to actively follow up on your business review pages. Many review sites allow the owner of the business to reply to reviews. Thanking your customers for their kind words or letting an upset customer know what you will do to correct the situation will show that you do what’s necessary to excel in customer service. Also do your best to avoid personally blaming, or attacking the person leaving a negative review, even if they are stretching the truth. This is bound to happen eventually, but how you handle the situation is what potential patients will remember.

Never Stop!

Find what works for your practice and keep on doing it. Reviews from “strangers” online are regarded as high as a vote of confidence from a friend these days, so don’t get content with a few good reviews.  Keep on working on building your online presence with exactly how you want potential patients to view your practice.