How’s your online reputation? Dentistry IQ reports that 80% of consumers use the internet to research doctors. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your online reputation plays a key role in your success. Positive online reviews can make a major impact when it comes to positioning you as a trustworthy authority in oral health and patient care. By following the guidance below, you can help ensure that you’re doing what it takes to keep the glowing online reviews coming your way.

Put Quality First

Your online reputation depends on your offline reputation, and vice versa. It all comes down to the quality of care you provide. Satisfied patients are likely to give you positive feedback, so leverage that for online reviews. To make it easy and natural for patients to write a positive online review, Dental Products Report suggests that you ask patients if you can type their positive feedback in an email for them to paste online. But just where should they post? Healthgrades is the most frequently used of all medical review sites, so be sure to recommend it. Yelp is also a popular resource for healthcare seekers. Neutral third-party sites like the two mentioned lend strong credibility to your positive reviews, followed by the testimonials on your professional social media accounts and your website.

Effectively Manage Negative Reviews

Exposing yourself to negative feedback in a public online forum (or several) is daunting. In the event that you receive a poor online review, there are effective ways to bounce back. Refrain from addressing negative reviews unless absolutely necessary – in which case, address the patient directly and offline. You can also ensure that your website ranks first in Google, followed by your social networking sites so negative reviews are less visible, according to Dentistry IQ.

Keep a Consistent Flow of Glowing Reviews

Dental Products Report claims that maintaining 2-3 quality reviews per month over 6-12 months will convey your quality care authentically. Also, the more positive reviews you have, the stronger your reputation will be against negative feedback. Even after you have collected what seems like “enough” good reviews, keep going!