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PracticeMojo’s New Managed Plan is the Ultimate Tool for Growing Your Practice

By July 8, 2020 No Comments

As your practice grows, it’s essential to use technology save your staff time while still maintaining the same excellent customer service that brings patients to your door. PracticeMojo provides comprehensive automated communications that increase patient satisfaction, along with tools to optimize your Facebook page and online reviews to attract new leads. PracticeMojo’s Managed Plan will help you streamline communications while focusing on what matters most: your patients.


The Ultimate Automated Patient Communications

As your list of patients increases, it’s essential to be able to send consistent communications with minimal effort from your team. PracticeMojo makes this easy by providing customizable, automated campaigns to support your clients. From upcoming appointment reminders to recall campaigns, holiday messaging to benefits reminders, PracticeMojo provides campaigns that you can launch in minutes.

And because all of your patients have different preferences, PracticeMojo gives you the flexibility to contact patients through a variety of channels. Utilize a mix of text messages, phone calls, voicemails, emails, and even postcards to ensure your message gets through.


Smart Caller ID

When a patient calls your practice, you want to deliver excellent customer service from the moment your staff picks up the phone. Smart Caller ID automatically pulls up patient information—including their next appointment date—so your staff can quickly address their needs. This feature is easily integrated onto your practice’s computers so the entire team can provide up-to-date information whenever patients call.


Online Patient Portal and Forms

With the recent concerns surrounding COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to limit touchpoints between patients and staff. Having patients complete their onboarding forms online prevents passing paper between multiple people, and it also limits the time spent in your waiting room. PracticeMojo’s Managed Plan provides you with a HIPAA-compliant portal with customizable online health forms that patients can complete before their appointment. These forms can be accessed directly from your website and are tailored to match your branding and color scheme to create a seamless experience. They can even be completed on cell phones and tablets to provide maximum flexibility for your patients!


Support Your Social Media Presence with Facebook Pro

While most dental practices understand the impact of social media, finding the time to actually run your page can be problematic for a busy practice. The Managed Plan provides you with four post ideas per week that you can easily copy and paste right on your Facebook page. These topical posts are created with engagement in mind and feature a range of topics including quick tips, how-to’s, and newsworthy breakthroughs. While your staff may not have time to come up with weekly post ideas, they can definitely take a few minutes to launch these pre-written posts on your practice’s Facebook page!


Professional, Personalized Support

PracticeMojo understands that your business is unique and deserves one-on-one advice from a marketing expert. That’s why our Managed Plan includes two free marketing consultations with our Practice Coaches. We’ll help you explore what’s working well within your marketing strategy, recommendations for improvement, additional channels to consider, and the latest marketing trends that could help grow your practice!


Customized Campaigns

Though your PracticeMojo dashboard already features predesigned marketing campaigns including benefit reminders, recall programs, holiday greetings, and more, your practice probably has additional ideas for campaigns you’d like to run throughout the year. That’s why the Managed Plan includes six additional custom campaigns! Just tell our team what ideas you have, and we’ll write the copy, create images, and plan out the timing and channels, all according to your practice’s unique needs!


Maximize Your Online Presence

Most first impressions no longer happen in your office, but instead take place online. Putting effort into building a shining online reputation is key to attracting new patients and giving them the confidence to book that first appointment.

Our Dental Reviews Pro feature gives you control over your online reviews, allowing you to highlight glowing reviews from your patients. It also automatically encourages patients to leave reviews for your practice, and you can specifically choose which review websites you want to focus on, whether it’s Yelp, Google My Business or Angie’s List.



As you grow your practice, technology can help you streamline patient communications from start to finish. From the moment patients read your first online review to the minute their appointment begins, PracticeMojo can help you automate every touchpoint with your patients. To learn more about how our comprehensive Managed Plan can support your practice, reach out to us today!