Every year, the month of December becomes backlogged with people trying to fit in their remaining dental appointments before their insurance benefits run out. While we’ve often thought of this as our patient’s own fault, part of it is ours as well. After all, how did we let them go all year long without getting the care that they already knew they needed?  Making sure you target your patients with the right dental recall before it’s too late (end of the year) to use their benefits is key and targeting them with the right communications is important in getting them into your office.  After all, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Implement the Right Recall Campaign

A good dental recall campaign will help your patients fit in their bi-annual cleaning appointments when they’re actually due. Just letting a few months slip by without having them schedule an appointment can cause your patient to lose an entire preventive care visit each year! This can add up to a loss of thousands of dollars and a backlogged hygiene schedule if not managed effectively.  You will want to reach out to them multiple times throughout the year, giving them ample time to schedule their appointment before it gets too close to the end of year holidays. Keep things in mind like when a family might have time off due to things such as spring break so you can time your patient communications accordingly.

Do the Math for Them

Schedule your patients’ recall visits before they walk out the door. If they can’t commit to a date, suggest picking one that can be changed later. Explain to them that their insurance benefits that they are paying into every month will “be lost” if not taking advantage of the coverage that they’ve already purchased. Your recall program will reiterate this same point, discouraging your patients from skipping out on procedures if they think of them as already having been paid for.

Add Value to Your Services

It can be hard for people to commit to visits if they don’t see the real need in them. Throughout the recall visit, it’s necessary to place value on the procedures that are being completed. For instance, your hygienist can say something like “Mrs. Smith, it’s really good that you came in today. We were able to catch that demineralized area and treat it with fluoride, because had you waited longer to come in, it would have probably already become a cavity.”

Your recall campaign begins the second your patient walks through your front door until the second they come back for their next visit; then it repeats all over again. Are you using a recall campaign that is maximizing the insurance coverage of your patients? If you’d like to see what a recall campaign looks like, go ahead and request a demo or give us a call at 800.556.2580!