Is it worth it to invest in a professional dental social media company when you could do the same thing for yourself? After all, you’re already the expert on dental health – why would you want a social media expert managing that for you? Engaging your patients with social media is a great step in creating long lasting relationships, but it takes time to do it right.

How Much Time Will This take?

How much extra time do you have to sit down and map out an editorial calendar for your month’s social media presence? Now, how much time do you have to sit down and write all of these blogs and social media updates out? To revise them? Or to plug them into your scheduling software that posts them at the right time during the week? What about your staff? Is there someone who has an extra few hours during the week to do this for you, or will you be happy with the quality? If you or your staff have the time to devote to creating content and posting then that’s great! Keep in mind that in order to keep your patients following your updates, you will want to keep things consistent, so have a plan in place if things around your office get hectic.

Your Patients Expect it

There are enough online social media companies that your patients expect top quality when they see posts or photos posted by your business. Seeing poor quality photos, posts that have spelling errors or don’t use good English will turn more patients away then it will to bring them in. Keep your content unique and high quality, remember that it is just as easy to unfollow someone as it is to follow.

Doing social media “right” can get confusing at times, but you shouldn’t stress about it! Keep things light and fun, and consistent! If you can’t find the time to constantly post and interact with your patients online, choosing the right social media company is essential.  When you’ve found a company that can take the expertise of dentistry and combine it with a thorough knowledge of an online presence, you’ve got a match made in heaven!