Thank you for requesting a PracticeMojo sample. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the quality of the communications and postcard. You should receive an email and text message shortly. These are auto-completed with some of our default messages. Your postcard will arrive in a few business days. One of the things we’re sure you’ll love about PracticeMojo is that each one of your campaigns is fully customizable. Once you download and install PracticeMojo you’ll work directly with one of our Practice Coaches to customize your images, timing and messages to fit your practice needs and to maximize response rates. While you wait for your postcard, why not take the next step and request a demo!

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PracticeMojo Top Features Include:

    • Recall: Recall is the single most important aspect of an effective dental marketing strategy. ReachAll dental recall from PracticeMojo is the only recall solution to reach 100% of your patients for a complete recall solution.
    • Referrals: It’s never been easier to request, remind and reward your patients for referrals. PracticeMojo referral communications are designed for maximum response rates.
    • Reviews and Surveys: Reviews coupled with surveys help your practice gain valuable insight. Plus PracticeMojo reviews are everywhere: Google, Yelp, Yahoo! and other top review sites.
    • Social Media: Don’t just “have” a Facebook page. Effective social media is more about content than ownership. Our Facebook solution combines eye-catching design with post ideas, promotions, appointment requests and review apps to maximize your social clout.
    • And Much More: PracticeMojo is backed with over 40 years experience in dental practice marketing. We’ll work directly with you to determine which services are best for your practice. Plus, with no contract, you can upgrade at any time.