Do your patients understand the value of regular dental cleanings? If not, you could be losing patients, and they could be losing both the financial and health benefits entitled to them. While patients should know to come in for regular dental cleanings, they may not understand the potentially life-saving care you can provide at each dental check up. This is where dental recall becomes so important to the health and growth of a dental practice.

Keep patients aware that dental care links to total care.

In recent years, the role dentistry plays in systemic health has become a hot topic in the field. Patients need to realize that dental health is closely linked to total health. For example, a patient with some minor tartar build up might not fear for her well-being. But without regular cleanings, this patient’s condition may worsen into a number of illnesses – like gingivitis and eventually even heart disease. She would need to know why preventive care like consistent cleanings can stop these issues before they start.

Speaking of preventive health, Northeast Delta Dental reports: “More than 90 percent of all systemic disease, including diabetes, leukemia, cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease, has oral characteristics that can be detected by the dentist during an oral exam.” This statistic shouldn’t be a secret to your patients!

Know how to keep patients in the loop.

Turning benefits like preventive care into effective patient recall requires both a financial and health incentive. As we reported in our PracticeMojo blog in April, 2015: “Most of your patients are investing in a dental insurance plan that allows them to access preventive care appointments every six months. If they look at these visits as ‘just a cleaning,’ it can devalue the services that you provide.” An important thing to remember is to educate your patients to understand the importance of regular cleanings, as opposed to using “scare tactics” to get them into your office. Combining regular benefits reminders with a proven patient recall system can keep your patients coming back as regularly as they need.