We love a good bit of sarcasm which is what caused us to start thinking about why dentists might not want or need an effective automated recare system for their practice. Below are the top 5 reasons we developed of why practices may not have an interest in having an effective automated patient communication system:

Reason #1 – We don’t mind when patients fall through the cracks. Whether it’s limitations in your system or overwhelmed front desk staff, you’re most likely not reaching 100% of patients. Consistent communication with patients is key to building trust and loyalty. This doesn’t mean just a simple text 3-days before their appointment. It means providing communications via email and text, and the occasional direct mail postcard to spice things up or wish a happy birthday.

Reason # 2 – I smile at empty chairs. Last-minute cancellations can wreak havoc on the busiest of schedules. One-minute hygienists are hoping to fit in a 15-minute lunch, and the next they’re re-counting the toothbrush supply for the fifth time. While cancellations are par for the course, an automated system can greatly reduce the negative impact to your practice. Pro tip: Look for a solution that has a group text feature so you can quickly notify patients of unexpected openings and fill any last-minute holes in your schedule.

Reason #3 – We love lost revenue. Bottom line, an effective automated recare system helps dental practices increase revenue (see what we did there?). When a dental practice has the right automated system, they can reduce no-shows and reactivate patients, resulting in more active patients and more revenue. But hey, if lost revenue is something you enjoy, we won’t judge (ok, maybe just a little).

Reason #4 – My staff really enjoys making endless phone calls to patients. Not only is the task of reaching out to patients for general recall and reminders time consuming for your front desk team, but it’s also not the way patients prefer to be contacted anymore (most prefer text message). Each moment your team spends making phone call reminders is time that could be spent focused on other priorities like billing, claims management, medical charts, and of course patients in your waiting room. On average, dentists save approximately one week’s worth of work with automated recall and reminder software – what could your team do with that time?

Reason #5 – We have a lot to do an accommodating patient needs isn’t one of them. In a recent Hanover Research study, 80% of patients said they preferred text or email reminders over calls. Contacting patients via their preferred communication method is an effortless way to accommodate their needs. It also reinforces your practice’s high-tech image and reduces no-shows.

All in all, only dental practices that want to increase efficiency and productivity, improve profits, and create greater patient satisfaction truly need an automated patient communications system.

If you are one of those practices that wants to achieve better results and ROI from your automated patient communications, call PracticeMojo at (800) 556-2580 to learn more.