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Using an SMS Appointment Reminder to Build Patient Loyalty

By June 20, 2022 No Comments

Having a loyal patient base is the key to establishing a successful practice, so it’s essential to take advantage of the latest technology to stand out from the competition. Offering an SMS appointment reminder service helps save time while reducing no shows and increasing patient satisfaction.


Increase Patient Satisfaction

In the modern world, everyone is inundated with tasks, meetings, and never-ending chores. Trying to juggle the necessities of modern life is stressful in and of itself, so dental offices need to ensure they’re minimizing stress for their patients. Text messaging is a quick and easy way to remind patients of their appointment, and 80% of surveyed patients in a recent Hanover Research Study prefer a text message over a phone call, and text messages have an average response time of 90 seconds. Sending a SMS appointment reminder shows you care about your patients’ time and increases their satisfaction with your services!


Open Communication Before Each Appointment

Another way to increase patient satisfaction is to show you care about your concerns. Most SMS appointment reminder services, including PracticeMojo, allow for two-way communications, so patients can respond with any questions or concerns they have. This makes rescheduling appointments quick and easy, and it also allows you to save time at the start of each appointment by answering questions beforehand.


Reduce No Shows and Add New Appointments

The most obvious benefit of an SMS appointment reminder service is reducing no-shows. With a busy schedule, it can be easy for patients to forget about an upcoming appointment, especially if they scheduled it months in advance. By sending reminders before each appointment, you avoid no shows and fully optimize your business. On average, dentists that choose PracticeMojo add 2.5 appointments per day, save over 40 hours a month on patient communications, and earn $50 back for every dollar they spend with us (a 5000% ROI)! Optimizing your patient communications makes a huge impact on your practice, allowing you to increase revenue and focus on what matters: your patients.


Go Above and Beyond for Families

If you focus on family or pediatric dentistry, having an SMS appointment reminder system is a must! Busy parents are constantly juggling appointments for their kids, and it can be easy to lose track of who goes to the dentist when. PracticeMojo’s family messaging consolidates reminders into one text, making it easier for parents to streamline their calendar for the entire family.


Support Ongoing Treatment Plans

Even yearly checkups can be hard to remember, so ongoing treatments require more frequent communications. For your patients who need a series of treatments, you can use your SMS appointment reminders to schedule new appointments throughout the process. This saves time for your office staff and makes it simple for patients to keep up to date on their treatment plans.


Allow Patients to Opt Out

While some dental practices just use a staff member’s phone to send their SMS appointment reminders, this doesn’t provide the opportunity for patients to opt out. Services like PracticeMojo open communications with an opt out text and record what patients don’t want to receive texts. This helps avoid overstepping boundaries with patients who want more privacy and abide by FCC regulations.



As your practice grows, delight your patients with an easy-to-use SMS appointment reminder service. Patients will appreciate the convenience of being able to text your practice, and your staff will appreciate saving time and reducing no-shows! To learn more about how PracticeMojo can support your practice, call us at (800) 556-2580.