We all have those patients who seem to never remember why it is important to make their dental visits. These patients require a little extra TLC when it comes to getting them to commit or understand why their dental care appointments are necessary at all. Benefit Reminders are an important piece of your dental recall and continuing care marketing efforts that keeps your schedule full all year long.

Benefit Reminders Tell Your Patients What They Could Lose

Most of your patients are investing in a dental insurance plan that allows them to access preventive care appointments every 6 months. If they look at these visits as “just a cleaning,” it can devalue the services that you provide. Placing value on each phase of the appointment will help your services be best respected and deemed as important.

Throughout your benefit reminder campaigns and preventive care appointments, explain the importance of:

• Periodontal assessments

• Oral cancer screenings

• TMJ evaluations

• Preventive cleanings

• Oral hygiene instruction

• Dental exams

If you are having a hard time getting your patient to commit to their dental check-ups, remind them that they have essentially already invested in their preventive care and just need to take advantage of the procedures that they have already paid for before they are lost or won’t be beneficial at all. If Mr. Jones always has a large amount of buildup at each cleaning and is in the process of recovering from gum disease, remind him that skipping a preventive appointment may lead to him needing a deep cleaning again.

Remind them of the Alternative

Once your patient is in the door for an appointment, remember to discuss what could happen if they don’t follow through with recommended treatment. Although some dental professionals find this uncomfortable, it is an essential part of your patient making an informed choice about their dental care. It can be as simple as “Mrs. Smith, I know this tooth doesn’t hurt right now, but that is fairly common for such small cavities. What we need to do is correct it before it gets any deeper and requires a root canal in order to save the tooth.”

Maintain a Presence

Out of sight; out of mind. If you aren’t maintaining a presence in some way, shape or form – your patients will forget about you. Having a smart patient communication program and recall plan is the only way to prevent this from happening. A comprehensive presence is best achieved by compiling a combination of different medias and contact methods ranging from social media, traditional postcardsemails and two-way text messaging.