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Using the Latest Technology to Increase Patient Satisfaction

By January 11, 2021 No Comments

Finding ways to delight your patients is essential for the modern dental practice, as it allows you to fill your appointment book, increase referrals, and build a stellar reputation in your community. Though excellent customer service is still the first step, technology gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond for your patients. Here are ways to increase patient satisfaction using the latest dental office technology!


Provide Online Appointment Booking

One of the biggest benefits you can provide for your patients is the ability to book appointments right from your website. In today’s busy climate, online appointment booking helps patients stay current on their dental work, and they’ll appreciate the ability to see your schedule and book right from their phones, tablets, or computers. Your staff will also appreciate the break from making appointment reminder calls, and it allows them to spend more time running your office.


Offer Appointment Reminders by Text

Your patients will have different preferences about how to receive appointment reminders, but the vast majority prefer the simplicity and convenience of a text message. According to a recent Hanover Research Study, over 80% of dental patients prefer to receive their upcoming appointment reminders via text message. Text messages also have an average response time of 90 seconds, so you’ll save time for your staff while still confirming each upcoming appointment. Offering appointment reminders by text both increases patient satisfaction and streamlines how your office is run.


Stay in Communication Between Appointments

In addition to delivering excellent customer service during each appointment, you can increase patient satisfaction by staying in contact between their visits. Creating helpful and informational Facebook Posts keeps you top-of-mind with your patients and increases referrals. In addition, you can send out holiday greetings to show your patients that you care. Both Facebook posts and holiday messaging can be included in your PracticeMojo plan, so be sure to take advantage of these essential features!


Simplify Dental Care for Families

Families are an essential part of running your practice, and busy parents are extra appreciative of the latest dental technology. With PracticeMojo, you can send the entire family reminders in the same text, making it simple for parents to confirm appointments for all their children in one go. With Online Billing through ProSites, parents also have the ability to pay for your entire family’s services online, and they can use your Online Forms to quickly confirm changes for individual family members without having to re-enter all their issue. Parents are more likely to recommend your services when you simplify their busy schedules, so offer these dental technologies to increase referrals!


While you should still provide excellent customer service, patient satisfaction also relies on their experiences before and after each appointment. Providing appointment reminders, consistent communication, and features like online appointment booking helps to remind patients why they come back to your dental practice…and encourages them to recommend you to their friends and family.