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What Is the Main Purpose of an Appointment Reminder?

By August 20, 2020 No Comments

There are hundreds of things to juggle when running your dental practice, so it can be difficult to decide where to focus your efforts. Some practices hesitate to implement an appointment reminder system because they worry that it might take up too much time for their staff to set up, or they just don’t see the point in launching a new service. However, automated appointment reminders are essential for running your practice: They save your staff time, maximize your revenue, and increase patient satisfaction 


What is an Automated Appointment Reminder? 

In the past, dental practices would make manual calls to each patient to remind them of their upcoming appointments, but modern technology makes it easy to automate this system while still providing dedicated patient care. With an appointment reminder system, you can customize your messaging and then send reminders out at certain intervals, like the week before an appointment and the preceding day. A good system will also give you the ability to choose how patients receive these messages, so patients can choose from emails, texts, phone calls, and postcards to find the channel that works best for their schedule.  


Save Your Staff Time 

If your staff is still making manual phone calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments, they’re detracting from time that should be spent on caring for patients, following up on unpaid bills, and marketing your practice. By automating your appointment reminder system, you save dozens of hours every week and focus your efforts where they’re needed most. The reminders can be fully automated and utilize every channel, so your patients can enjoy texts, phone calls, and even reminder postcards depending on their preferences.  


Boost Your Revenue 

One of the biggest challenges dental offices face is missed appointments which take up time and reduce revenue. Dental Economics reports that 10% of all dental appointments result in cancellations or no-showsireducing your practice revenue and forcing your staff to waste time rescheduling. Reducing no shows is essential to maximize your practice’s revenue, and automated appointment reminders are the most efficient tool to ensure patients show up on time.  


Increase Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty 

Modern dental practices thrive on a loyal and satisfied patient base, so you want to give them the latest technology. Appointment reminder texts help them organize their busy schedules, and are essential for parents managing large families who all need cleanings. In addition, a good appointment reminder system allows you to tailor your channels to each patients preferences, allowing them to choose between email, automated voice calls, texts, and postcards. This customizable support makes your patients feel valued and increases the likelihood that they’ll refer your practice to friends and family!  



In the modern age, an appointment reminder system is a necessity. You’ll help patients feel supported and cared for while reducing stress for your staff and decreasing no-shows. To take a demo of Practice Mojo’s appointment reminder software, call us at (800) 556-2580.