Once your patient walks out of your front door, do you worry about whether or not you’ll see them again in 6 months? Every dental office is dependent on a dental recall campaign that will keep their source of production coming back again and again. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you need a successful plan to keep patients coming back.

Don’t Bog Down Your Team Members

Dental offices have staff members that are entirely devoted to managing recall patients. When you consider the man-hours necessary for this, it may not be worth it. An effective recall program is one that works without having to spread your team members thin. Leave your staff available for treatment planning, filing claims, and scheduling production. If you are already using an automated service to handle your recall, make sure it is truly “hands off.” A service that only uses texts and emails means your staff will still likely have to make phone calls or mail post cards to reach many of your patients.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If your patients aren’t hearing from you regularly, they’ll most likely forget about you until a problem or emergency comes up. Many recall campaigns are now eliminating the use of reminder postcards, but those are something that patients have come to expect. You should choose a recall program provider that offers a variety of different notification methods to meet the demographics of your patients. If your patient base is older you’ll want to reach them how they prefer, which is likely phone calls or reminder cards.

Friendly Reminders that are Not Overbearing

Each reminder should take place at certain intervals, to avoid a delay in scheduling and a backlogged recall program. For patients that have already set up their appointments 6 months in advance, 3 reminders are typically appropriate. Each of these reminders may take different forms, so as not to overwhelm the patient. For instance, a postcard reminder one month prior to the visit will bring the appointment to their memory, or encourage them to call if they need to reschedule. An automated phone call one week out can allow your patient to confirm his or her appointment. Receiving a text message the day before or day of will help your patient stay on time! 3 reminders all in the same form can turn a patient away and make you seem desperate as a provider.

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