Sending the right communication to the right patient is the difference between a full schedule and an empty one. We took a deep dive into our data from 2015 to see just how many automated communications we helped our offices send and how post cards and automated phone calls affected their return on investment.

The Study

To get a better understanding of how automated phone calls and postcards affected patient engagement with dental offices, we looked at just under a thousand dental offices across the U.S. based on the types of communications they chose to utilize for their patient recall and reminders.  A total of 12,085,661 communications were documented, including emails, texts, postcards and automated phone calls.  Appointments were given a value of $250 for scheduled and completed appointments, and were then calculated based off the office’s monthly fee for PracticeMojo.  Below you’ll see just how drastic the improvement of an office’s ROI was by adding automated phone calls and postcards to the mix. If your office is looking to get results like the offices below give us a call at 800.556.2580 or request a demo to see what PracticeMojo can do for your office growth!