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Founded two decades ago, PracticeMojo stemmed from the simple observation of a dentist and her office manager: that when people received a timely reminder, they made and kept their appointments. In turn, this improved both the health of the patient and the dental practice.

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The dentist and her office manager also had a true understanding of the amount of work involved with reminding patients of their upcoming appointments themselves. That is when the idea of automating these patient communications were born.

Twenty years ago, the first automated post card was sent. Fast forward to today, PracticeMojo is a leading service for recalls and reminders, helping thousands of dentists save time, reduce no-shows, and increase productivity.

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The PracticeMojo suite of services includes automated text messages, emails, phone calls, and postcards to patients to ensure they arrive on-time and prepared for their appointment. Additionally, PracticeMojo helps dental practices communicate with patients throughout the year with pre-designed marketing campaigns, reputation management features, and social media marketing solutions.

In 2017, PracticeMojo was acquired by ProSites, a leading provider of dental website design and marketing solutions for over 7,500 practices. Their comprehensive suite of services includes dental website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media management to help practices attract, engage, and retain loyal patients. As a result, dental practices can now access a complete suite of website design, marketing, and patient communication tools all under one roof.

With PracticeMojo we are committed to helping your practice:

  • Increase the quality and quantity of communications between you and your patients
  • Deliver a personalized, consistent patient communications strategy to help patients improve oral health IQ and lead patients to seek regular dental care
  • Provide a level of reliability and performance that consistently exceeds your expectations
  • Access innovative patient communication and digital marketing solutions

Plus, we have the results to back up what we are committed to providing! Our solutions are proven to help dental practices like yours:

  • Save 40+ hours a month
  • Add 2.5 new appointments per day
  • See $50 back for every dollar that is spent with us!

To learn how we can help your practice deliver an elevated patient communications and engagement experience, call us at (800) 556-2580 or request a demo below

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Meet Our Team

For over 20 years we have hired the best talent who also has dental industry expertise to ensure we’re providing incredible service to our members. As we continue to grow, the team is now comprised of over 100 employees located in both Phoenix, AZ and Temecula, CA.

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