Success Stories with PracticeMojo

At PracticeMojo we are committed to providing services that deliver results. Thousands of dentists choose our automated patient communications because of the level of service, value, and customer support that they receive – and the impact that these solutions have on their practice.

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Below are just a few of the many stories and testimonials our clients have shared about how PracticeMojo has benefited their practice.

Hermantown dental has utilized PracticeMojo for several years. It’s seamless to use. Educating patients is key to success for appointment confirmation. PracticeMojo’s staff always keeps me up-to-date with any upgrades that help our practice save time, and they have great phone skills. Their team is always eager to help and find a solution to your question. I highly recommend PracticeMojo!

Tracy LindHermantown Dental | Solo Plan

We have been very happy with PracticeMojo! Their automated patient communication system saves our front desk staff so much time and any time we have a question, the PracticeMojo staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Thanks!

Terri EnnettArbor Lodge Dental | Partnered Plan

We have been with PracticeMojo for a long time as it works very well with our system. I specifically like the appointment reminders and recall and reactivate postcards. Whenever I call, their staff answers right away and is very knowledgeable and helpful. There are so many benefits to this service, we would recommend PracticeMojo to every dental practice.

Julie EssesDoueck Dental | Partnered Plan

Our patient’s love the automated communications that are generated from PracticeMojo.The ease in which we can make changes to the templates that are specific to our practice is wonderful. We are extremely pleased to have partnered with PracticeMojo.

Alice B.Allan L. Nahman, DDS | Partnered Plan

We have used PracticeMojo for years and love what it does for our practice. When we were in the midst of a hurricane, I was able to reach out to majority of patients scheduled during the storm and the day after to keep them aware of what our office was doing. We were not able to view our practice software but I was able to use PracticeMojo and connect and communicate with patients. THANK YOU!

Tina BerryLawrence E. Weaver, DDS | Partnered Plan

So glad we finally tried PracticeMojo. It is way better than the ones we had tried and fired before! LOVE IT!

Randy YoungRushville Family Dental, P.C. | Partnered Plan

PracticeMojo has boosted our ability to communicate with our fantastic tech savvy patients. I now have more time to talk with patients when they come into the office. Best of all, the PracticeMojo team is always available if I have a question and everyone on staff has a great sense of humor. Really appreciate working with a company that delivers service with a smile and a can do attitude. We like to joke at our office – everyone needs a PracticeMojo in their life!

Margaret ChesterRobert Chester, DDS | Partnered Plan

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“We see a lot of doctors, nurses and physicians as patients. They all tell me they wish they had PracticeMojo in their medical offices.”

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