The Solo plan is perfect for smaller practices, or practices that are just getting started and want a simple, cost-effective solution to supplement and reduce the amount of manual patient outreach for recalls and reminders.

Our Solo plan gives you the basics to begin automating
and marketing your practice. Here’s how:

Save Time and Money by Automating Recalls and Reminders with Unlimited Text Messages and Emails

Technology is constantly changing and with that comes greater efficiency. Today, text messaging and email are far more convenient methods to contact patients over phone calls – especially if it’s your office staff calling (and not automated). Plus, depending on the reason for outreach, different occasions may make more sense to send a text, and others may make more sense to send an email. That’s why PracticeMojo gives you both options without a cap on how many you can send each month.

Our two-way text messaging and emails seamlessly integrate with your practice management system to identify which patients need a message and will send it automatically on your behalf.

Plus, if you ever want to send an occasional postcard, you can do so for just $0.54 a piece! Whether it’s a birthday or a reminder, sometimes a tangible postcard is a great way to stand out and add a personalized touch With PracticeMojo, printing, mailing and addressing postcards is seamless and hassle-free.

Grow Your Practice with Marketing Campaigns

To grow your practice, marketing to every single patient is key to keeping them loyal and coming back regularly. With your PracticeMojo plan, you’ll access various email campaigns such as benefit reminders, holiday cards, whitening promotions and more to continually reach out to patients.

Build a Strong Online Reputation with Dental Reviews Pro

Online reviews are trusted just as much as a personal recommendation. While one negative review isn’t the end of the world, it is becoming more and more important for you to have several positive reviews to outweigh the bad.

With the PracticeMojo Solo plan, you receive Dental Reviews Pro which gives you better control over your online reputation. You can encourage patients to leave reviews and drive happy patients to the sites you want reviews on most, whether it’s Yelp, Angie’s List or Google+.

How does Solo compare to other PracticeMojo solutions?

PracticeMojo’s Solo Plan gives you the basic tools you need to recall and remind patients about their appointment.

Unlimited Text and Email X X X
Postcards $.54 per piece 100 Free Each Month 100 Free Each Month
Dental Reviews Pro X X X
Automated Phone Reminders $300 Setup +
$0 Setup + 100 FREE
Each Month
Unlimited Calls Each
Facebook Design and Setup   X X
Events Per Year 0 2 6
Unlimited Support and Training X X X
Custom Image   X X
Auto-Confirm   X X
Mobile-friendly Website     $999 Setup
Semi Annual Marketing Consultation     X

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“We have been with PracticeMojo for a long time as it works very well with our system. I specifically like the appointment reminders and recall and reactivate postcards. Whenever I call, their staff answers right away and is very knowledgeable and helpful. There are so many benefits to this service, we would recommend PracticeMojo to every dental practice.”

Julie Esses, Doueck Dental