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How PracticeMojo Compares to Other Solutions

Thousands of dentists trust PracticeMojo as its trusted automated patient communications provider. Why? Not only does PracticeMojo have one of the most comprehensive solutions available, but we are also priced fairly and committed to delivering the most value and highest return on investment for your practice.

In fact, our low monthly fee, combined with our outstanding service, delivers you new revenue each and every month. On average our customers make back $50 for each $1 they spend with us – an ROI of 5000 percent!

Enjoy No Contract, No Setup Fees, No Hidden Fees – Give us a Try!

Before you get locked into a contract you can’t get out of with another vendor, give PracticeMojo a try. Our no contract service means we prove ourselves each and every month. And if you are not satisfied, simply call us to cancel. But we don’t think you will.

Don’t just take our word for it. View the comparison chart below to see how we measure up against other patient reminder solutions like Demandforce, SolutionReach, and Dental Sesame, to see where we give you more features, for less money.

 PracticeMojoDemandforce®Solutionreach™Dental Sesame™RevenueWell®
Price $255 $299 $379 $264 $299
Contract Never Required Required Required -
Set-up Fees $0 up to $598 $399 - -
Patient Recall & Appointment Services
Family Messaging (one per family) YES YES YES - YES
Unlimited Email YES YES YES YES YES
2-way Text Messages YES YES YES YES YES
Postcards (direct mail) YES Additional $.79/each - $.62/each $.79/each
Phone Calls YES Additional $$ YES YES $.09/call
Monthly Newsletters YES YES YES YES YES
Online Chat (immediate response to inquires) YES YES - YES YES
Social Media & Reputation Services
Practice Microsite with Online reviews YES YES YES - YES
Patient Surveys YES - YES YES YES
Customized Facebook Page Design YES - - YES -
Facebook Post Ideas YES - - - YES
Coordinated Marketing Events 2x/year - - - -

Most recare systems are merely 25% effective.

Get a solution that helps you reduce no-shows, improve profitability, and increase office efficiencies – all while saving each month.

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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Automated Communications System

When it comes to choosing the right system for your practice, it can be a daunting task. To avoid wasting time or money – we have compiled the top questions you should ask when shopping for a new automated patient communications provider.

Click here to get the free guide to access 10 questions you should be asking a potential automated patient communications provider, plus tips on what to look for in their answers!

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