Family Messaging: A Must-Have For All Dental Practice Communications

When it comes to managing and scheduling family appointments, we know that efficiency and organization is key. With our family messaging platform, you can group family appointment confirmations, past-due recare reminders, benefit reminders, holiday cards, and more – all into one single communication.

Get Greater Flexibility

We know that your patient needs are all unique. That’s why we created a solution that is flexible enough to help you achieve your goals while gaining complete patient satisfaction.

Some families may prefer to get one streamlined communication, however we don’t require it. Your practice has complete flexibility to adjust the patient communication delivery strategy for every single communication. This means we can send a communication to just one person in the family (such as a request for a review) – or a communication to the entire family, which is best for multiple, same-day appointments for all family members.

The key is that with PracticeMojo, you get more options so you can provide the ultimate patient experience. Happier patients are loyal patients, which is good for their health and your practice.

Save Money with a Streamlined Solution

Now, instead of receiving four different emails, four different text messages, and four different post cards for each of her children’s appointments, you can send one family one message with a few simple clicks.

Because you’re sending less communications, you’ll also save more money. Instead of paying for printing, postage, and mailing costs to four different people at the same household, we make it easy for you to consolidate these communications which makes for happier patients and a better investment for your practice.

Patients Can Confirm Multiple Appointments with Just One Click

When it comes to communication, people have different thresholds for what is accepted. While patients may be OK with multiple emails or text messages, they likely won’t be OK with multiple phone calls. That’s why our family messaging solution enables mom and dad to confirm entire family appointments with just one call and one click. Then, with our auto confirmation software, we will automatically update these appointments in your practice management system.

The First of It’s Kind

Though family messaging is now common, we have mastered the art of creating truly effective, timely, and personalized family messages because we were the first in the industry to offer this type of solution – nearly 10 years ago!

As technologies evolved, as did our family messaging platform, but we continue to remain committed to offering efficient and effective communications to your patients.

Try it Today – No Commitment or Obligation

We have helped thousands of dentists communicate with patients, fill appointment books, and improve profitability. We don’t have contracts because we are committed to earning your business each and every day. Our clients see true results from our solutions, and get an average of $50 back for every dollar they spend with us!

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“Hermantown dental has utilized PracticeMojo for several years. It’s seamless to use.

Educating patients is key to success for appointment confirmation. PracticeMojo’s staff always keeps me up-to-date with any upgrades that help our practice save time, and they have great phone skills. Their team is always eager to help and find a solution to your question. I highly recommend PracticeMojo!”

– Tracy Lind, Office Manager

Hermantown Dental | Partnered Plan