Customized Campaign Library

At PracticeMojo we are committed to providing services that help your practice run more efficiently so you can increase profitability while saving time and money. Our services have been crafted in such a way to save you countless hours by providing everything you would need to send over 300 different marketing campaigns so you can effectively reach 100% of patients via postcards, phone calls, emails and text messages.

As a PracticeMojo member, you’ll access our library of over 300 unique, pre-built patient communication campaigns across various topics. For example, if you know you want to run a promotion on a service like teeth whitening, instead of spending the time to find the correct filters to generate a list, selecting templates and coding HTML from scratch, you can utilize one of our pre-built campaigns about teeth whitening and send it with a single click.

Whether you want to reach patients who haven’t been back in a couple years, announce a new team member, send benefit reminders, holiday cards and more – you will have everything you need to quickly and easily run a timely and personalized campaign to your patients.

Dental Campaign Emails

Customize Your Message

Our campaign library is ever-growing so you always have new, fresh content to easily and effectively reach out to patients. Plus, depending on your package, you can work with a Practice Coach throughout the year to create a completely custom campaign on your behalf, hassle-free!

As a PracticeMojo member, instead of having to master yet another software to create a custom campaign, you’ll instead simply reach out to us when you want us to create a campaign on your behalf. All you need to tell us is who you want to send the campaign to (which group of patients) and select the methods you’d like to utilize – such as email, text message, postcard, or phone call. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on patients.

We’ll work with you on the overall messaging and images and will then automatically read, analyze, and collect the data necessary to run your campaign. As your dedicated marketing and communications partner, we are committed to helping you with patient communications and marketing so you can spend your time focusing on patients in your practice.

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Grow Your Practice with the Perfect Balance of Timely, Personalized Patient Communications

At the end of the day, our services were built with both dentists and their patients in mind. We are committed to delivering services that help your practice save time and money, while keeping patients loyal and satisfied. Our communications are well-timed to help you see improved response rates while not being too frequent – or too scarce – in reaching out to patients. We’ve found the perfect balance to help you achieve maximum results.

And, you and your patients can control the types of reminders they receive. This gives your office full control to manage communications for each patient to ensure an optimal experience with your practice.

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“We have been with PracticeMojo for a long time as it works very well with our system.

I specifically like the appointment reminders and recall and reactivate postcards. Whenever I call, their staff answers right away and is very knowledgeable and helpful. There are so many benefits to this service, we would recommend PracticeMojo to every dental practice.”

– Julie Esses

Doueck Dental | Partnered Plan