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Mojo Insights helps you easily understand how many new appointments are generated through our services.

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Discover how many new appointments PracticeMojo is delivering to your practice.

Get Measurable Results with PracticeMojo Insights

As an owner of a dental practice, we understand the importance of knowing which recurring expenses are helping your practice run more efficiently or contributing to your bottom line.

That’s why we created PracticeMojo Insights: a solution that gives you an accurate analysis of how many new appointments our services generated for your practice – not revenue amounts from the appointments or the quantity of communications that are sent. With PracticeMojo Insights, our software tracks the amount of pending and completed appointments generated by PracticeMojo in your practice management system. You can easily glance at the dashboard to additionally find response rates and the amount of people your communications have reached within a specific time period.

The goal of PracticeMojo Insights is to help you get a complete understanding of what you are getting from our solutions. We help you keep your appointment books full while easily displaying the progress from your patient communications, so you can easily understand the value behind our solutions.

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The Unique Approach to PracticeMojo Insights

As dentist, you already know that appointments are the backbone of a successful practice. Without patients or full appointment books, the health of your practice suffers.

Where most companies may track ROI with actual monetary numbers, we took a different approach. This is because the numbers can fluctuate so greatly month-to-month based on the type of treatment being performed, but it doesn’t capture if your appointment books are truly full and helping you generate continual revenue.

Only PracticeMojo is able to show you a true return on your investment from our services. Unlike other companies, we will never take credit for revenue generated from appointment reminders or birthday cards. Instead, we base our metrics solely on the new appointments that our communications help create for your practice, and nothing else.

Our mission is not only to effectively communicate with your patients, but to grow your practice and increase your revenue as well. Just one more way we go above and beyond!

Don’t take our word for it! Find out why thousands of dentists love PracticeMojo Insights.

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“PracticeMojo has boosted our ability to communicate with our fantastic tech savvy patients. I now have more time to talk with patients when they come into the office. Best of all, the PracticeMojo team is always available if I have a question and everyone on staff has a great sense of humor. Really appreciate working with a company that delivers service with a smile and a can do attitude. We like to joke at our office – everyone needs a PracticeMojo in their life!”

– Margaret Chester, Robert Chester, DDS | Partnered Plan

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“We have been with PracticeMojo for a long time as it works very well with our system.

I specifically like the appointment reminders and recall and reactivate postcards. Whenever I call, their staff answers right away and is very knowledgeable and helpful. There are so many benefits to this service, we would recommend PracticeMojo to every dental practice.”

– Julie Esses

Doueck Dental | Partnered Plan