Here’s why dentists and their patients love our recall solution:

Patients are all extremely different – and just because one enjoys three phone calls to remind them of an upcoming appointment, another patient may be terribly annoyed with this approach. The more you can perfect the art of reaching patients at the right time via the right channel, the greater your response rate will be and patient satisfaction will improve.

It’s for these reasons that PracticeMojo created its ReachAll Dental Recall system. This system has been tested, reworked, and perfected for decades to help dental practices reach 100% of patients via the patient’s preferred method of communication.

Reach 100% of Patients at the Right Time via the Right Channel

Our mission is to ensure no patient gets left behind. It’s not good for the health of the patient, nor the health of your practice. We help dental practices reach 100% of patients through our unique technology that takes both timing and communication channels into consideration to ensure not one patient falls through the cracks. In fact, we will try to contact a patient for up to two years for dental recalls – whereas some providers only attempt for two weeks!

Our system provides a customizable and personalized approach to help you recall patients via:

Working effectively with the help of technology

To give you more control and flexibility, your dental office can completely customize the frequency and timing of all patient communications on both a group and individual level.

Ensure Every Patient Stays On Track with Their Treatment Plan

Many dental practices recommend hundreds of treatment plans a month, but many of them go unscheduled. Not only can this be bad for the health of your patient, but it negatively impacts your practice’s profitability as well. Our unscheduled treatment plan option makes it easier for dental practices to reach patients and encourage them to set an appointment with your practice. It’s just another way we ensure that no patient of yours falls through the cracks.

*This feature is compatible with G5, G6, G7, EagleSoft18+ and OpenDental practice management systems.

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Continual Monitoring For Maximum Results and Patient Response

In order for your patient communications to be effective, it’s critical that we monitor various aspects of patient data appropriately. We do this in a number of ways.

  1. We automatically sync data each hour to ensure up-to-date contact information. In order for communications to be effective, they must be received. With PracticeMojo, our dental recall software automatically syncs with your practice management system every single hour of every single day to ensure we always have the best contact information to reach your patients.
  2. Save time with AutoDetect SMS. We have found that a lot of dental offices will put phone numbers in the incorrect field in their practice management system, mixing up the home and cell phone placement. Our software auto detects these common errors and fixes it in your behalf to help you save time and manual work. This way we can ensure text messages are truly reaching those on their cell phones and not attempting to text a landline.
  3. Continual monitoring of response rates. Our software includes a dashboard that helps you monitor the overall confirmation and response rates from patients. Based on this data we collect, we are able to work with you to make adjusts to various campaigns to ensure you achieve maximum effectiveness and results.

What’s the Best Way to Communicate with Patients?

Sometimes it makes more sense to call patients. Other times it may make more sense to send a postcard or text message. It solely depends on the message and what you’re trying to get across. That said, it can be confusing to choose at times.

Download the free, educational whitepaper that walks you through the best ways to communicate with patients. You’ll learn how to perfectly time dental recall messages and when to utilize the various communication channels including individual or group text messages, direct mail postcards, emails, or phone calls. We’ll also walk you through the benefits, pitfalls, and things you should consider about each communication channel.

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PracticeMojo’s automated patient communication solutions are proven to help dentists gain an average of $50 back for every dollar they spend with us. Plus, on average, our clients add 2.5 new appointments to their practice per day!

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“Hermantown dental has utilized PracticeMojo for several years. It’s seamless to use.

Educating patients is key to success for appointment confirmation. PracticeMojo’s staff always keeps me up-to-date with any upgrades that help our practice save time, and they have great phone skills. Their team is always eager to help and find a solution to your question. I highly recommend PracticeMojo!””

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