Dental office text messaging has become a must-have communication tool for healthcare providers, particularly dental offices. In fact, recent studies have found that over half of patients prefer to receive text message notifications over email. The same study indicated that 82% of text messages are read within five minutes, increasing the likelihood of interaction – whereas emails are only opened one time for every four received.1

With PracticeMojo, we make it easy for you to stay connect with patients via individual and group text messaging. Our on-demand dental text reminders are easy-to-use, convenient, and spark immediate responses from patients.

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Quickly Reach Patients at Any Time, for Any Occasion

When it comes to text messaging for dentists, it’s all about convenience – from creating and sending the text through to the receipt and reply.

That’s why our dashboard makes it simple for you to send individual or group text messages to patients. You can group patients into specific sets to send certain messages (e.g. patients who haven’t been in the office in the last year) or even text your entire patient-base at once – which is extremely helpful in cases of a snow day, last minute emergency, or other broadcast messages.
Plus, you’re able to see and reuse previously sent messages for additional convenience. So whether you want to send a mass group text about a last-minute opening, a special offer, or a sudden office hours update, you can do so within just a few clicks! All of this can be easily done from anywhere, on any device with access to the Internet to ensure you have ultimate convenience.

Once you send your message, the dashboard will also give you new text alerts and desktop notifications so you may immediately respond personally to patients. You can also get email notifications to ensure no communication falls through the cracks.

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Monitor Your Usage

To help you easily see usage and response rates, the dashboard also provides metrics on current usage and response rates. Here you’re able to see how many text appointment reminders, emails, and phone calls you’ve sent for the month as well as response rate and the remaining balance as part of your plan.

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Reach Patients via Multiple Channels

For communications to truly be effective, they must reach patients at the right time and via the right channel. That’s why every single PracticeMojo plan includes unlimited text messaging and emails for your practice, making it easier than ever for you to reach 100% of patients via their preferred method of communication.

With so many additional channels to reach patients – it’s sometimes confusing on which is best. Check out our whitepaper that discusses when it’s best to reach patients via email, text message, phone call, and postcard.

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“Hermantown dental has utilized PracticeMojo for several years. It’s seamless to use.

Educating patients is key to success for appointment confirmation. PracticeMojo’s staff always keeps me up-to-date with any upgrades that help our practice save time, and they have great phone skills. Their team is always eager to help and find a solution to your question. I highly recommend PracticeMojo!”

– Tracy Lind, Office Manager

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