Mango Voice is a VOIP phone system that is perfect for helping you streamline your dental practice operation. Powerful features like click to call and multiple phone lines help your front office team work more efficiently and effectively. You can even route calls to your cell phone to support your patients from anywhere.

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Make, Take, and Track Phone Calls

Mango Voice is a voice over internet protocol system, or VOIP, which allows you to use broadband internet to make calls instead of a regular phone line. When you use Mango Voice, it’s easier to track where phone calls are coming from, which patients are calling, and record that information in your dental practice management platform.

Get the Information You Need, Instantly

When a known number calls in, Mango Voice displays the patient name and any upcoming appointment info on your computer screen. This allows your team to instantly tailor the conversation to each patient’s unique needs, remind them of their upcoming appointments, and easily reschedule if needed. This quality customer service increases patient loyalty while saving time for your staff.

Features to Support Your Busy Schedule

One of the central challenges dental practices face is trying to assist patients in the office while supporting those who are calling in. With custom greetings, music on hold, and call recording capabilities, it’s easier to juggle your priorities during a busy day. A full archive of recorded calls and performance tracking also helps you provide additional training for your staff when needed.

Save Money While Getting More

Mango Voice is an independent system, so you can cancel your existing subscription with your phone provider. With unlimited minutes, unlimited lines, and no maintenance contracts or equipment to purchase, you get the features every dental practice needs without breaking the bank. Plus, PracticeMojo customers can receive discounts off the monthly fee, so you can start saving today!

Support Your Patients from Anywhere

It’s more important than ever to be able to schedule new appointments, address patient needs, and handle emergency consultations from anywhere. Mango Voice provides essential features for the modern world, including routing your office phone to your cell, converting voicemails to email so you can quickly review the content of a message, and SMS auto replies. These features help keep your office running smoothly, even when running errands or taking some well-earned time off.

Ready to Upgrade Your Communications?

If you want a phone system designed specifically for healthcare providers, Mango Voice is the perfect fit. Fill out the form to speak with a dental communications expert and explore discounts for PracticeMojo customers.