Improve Practice Efficiencies with Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Calls

We live in a world of ever-changing technology to help us constantly save time and improve efficiencies. Everywhere you look – from doing business to getting groceries and online shopping – we are all constantly looking for ways to streamline our day and keep frustrating hassles at bay.

The same line of thinking goes for your dental practice. It’s important to invest in various solutions that save your staff time in areas that make sense, while reducing any type of friction with patients. Finding this balance will provide a positive patient experience and allow your staff to focus on other tasks that truly require more time and thought.

Appointment Reminder Calendar

When it comes to reminding patients about their next appointment, most dental offices have a single screen to view a patient’s appointment status. To call a patient and remind them of their next appointment, the staff must then click the contact information, find the phone number, dial, and maybe get an answer.

If you’re seeing the average of 12 patients per day, that’s a lot of time that could be very well spent elsewhere!

Enter automated appointment reminders – a critical component of your dental practice’s day-to-day as they are essential in helping you save staff time, reduce no-shows, and eliminate last-minute cancellations.

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How PracticeMojo Brings a Personalized Touch to Automated Patient Reminder Calls

Our automated calls are just one of the many channels that we leverage to reach 100% of patients on your behalf. But now, instead of wasting time or exhausting staff by making them manually call patients, we handle this for you and will call, remind, and confirm patient appointments on your behalf with our automated solution.

What’s different about PracticeMojo’s solution

Our automated phone calls are not robotic and cold. Instead, the voice on the other end of the line is warm, friendly, and natural – creating the true feeling of a personable connection. Each call is personalized and includes the patient’s name with appointment-specific details to ensure a professional and unique message.

We include caller ID match so patients will see your dental practice’s number and location when receiving this call therefore ensuring maximum response rates.

How PracticeMojo’s Automated Reminder Call Software Works

Step 1 icon Our solution is installed and syncs with your office’s practice management software.

Step 2 icon When a patient schedules their next appointment, this signals to PracticeMojo’s software to automatically call this patient before their appointment (note: automated calls can be tailored to send as frequently as you require to fill your schedule).

Step 3 icon When the call is made, the software immediately detects if it has gone to voicemail or is answered by a live person and will play the appropriate message accordingly.

What if the call is answered? PracticeMojo’s AutoConfirmation feature will prompt interactive options so the patient may confirm the appointment.

What if the call goes to voicemail? PracticeMojo’s AutoConfirmation software will wait for the beep, leave a message, and include the practice’s phone number, requesting that the patient call back to confirm the appointment.

What if the line was busy or there was no answer? Our software automatically calls back 10 minutes later.

Customizing Patient Appointment Reminder Calls

Just because something is automated does not mean it can’t be personalized or customized! Here are a couple of the ways you can make your dental practice’s automated appointment reminder calls your own:

  • 10 Different voice options: Just like iPhone offers different accents and versions of the Siri voice, PracticeMojo provides 10 different, natural-sounding voices so you can pick your favorite.
  • Frequency: With PracticeMojo you have full control over the timing and frequency of communications that your patients receive. Prefer calls be made 3 days in advance? No problem. Prefer calls 5 days ahead of time as well as 1 day before? We can do that too!
automated patient appointment reminders

Eliminate Duplicate Reminders with Family Messaging

It’s not uncommon for dentists to provide services for an entire family – however, it is unlikely that a parent of three children would like to get three different voicemails for each child’s appointment that are all happening on the same day.

Instead, PracticeMojo’s reminder software allows you to group each family together to ensure all patient reminders arrive within one single communication. In a world where keeping up with endless phone calls, emails, text messages and alerts are nearly impossible – your busy patients are sure to appreciate this method of streamlined and inclusive communication.

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