Reduce No-Shows…Automatically with Automated Appointment Confirmations

When patients don’t show up for their scheduled appointment or fail to cancel their appointment, it costs you more than just the lost appointment. Your time, your staff’s time and the time slot for another patient are all lost when a patient misses an appointment. Reducing no-shows is a critical step to growing your practice, yet many offices still don’t have a plan of action to mitigate and resolve these open appointments and missed appointments. Fortunately PracticeMojo does.

Automated Email Appointment Confirmations

Automated email appointment confirmation from PracticeMojo makes it easy for patients to not only confirm their appointments, but also to get there on time. Unlimited messaging ensures 100% of patients receive timely appointments reminders and requests for confirmation.

Family Messaging – 1 per family

We group each family’s daily appointments into a single communication, making it easy to confirm, cancel or change appointments.

Full Customization – only from PracticeMojo

We understand the need for some patients to receive a few extra reminders than others. PracticeMojo makes it easy for patients and your office to fully customize the amount of confirmation requests each patient receives.

Mobile Friendly Design

Appointment reminders from PracticeMojo look good across all devices, even smart phones! Plus we make it easy to confirm, and contact the office with 1-touch phone numbers, address and email.

Re-Confirm Patient Status

Does your office use soft vs firm confirm status? PracticeMojo is smart and knows the difference between an appointment confirmation 24 days ago vs 3 days. Just one more way we ensure patients remember and show up on-time for appointments.

For Dental Practices who get it

Our focus at PracticeMojo is results. Request a demo and see for yourself why dental practices looking to grow their practice get PracticeMojo.

2-way Text Message Confirmations

Confirming appointments through text message is easy to do with PracticeMojo. Simply texting “Yes”, DDS”, or “Confirm” will confirm an entire families appointments right from your patient’s phone. Plus we make it easy to manage cancellations, changes in patients schedule and other unforeseen scenarios.

Automated Appointment Phone Reminders

PracticeMojo Calls Feature:

  • Premium quality messaging
  • Personal voice talent
  • Interactive response options
  • Billed only when call is picked up
  • Secure data is 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Reduced Overtime

PracticeMojo’s automated appointment reminder calls save your office valuable time, improve patient and staff satisfaction and increase profitability! We know how critical reminder notifications are to reducing no-shows and keeping your practice full. With PracticeMojo appointment reminder calls a natural voice creates the warmth of a personal phone call. We also include patient names and appointment-specific details to deliver a professional and personalized message. Plus, caller I.D. match ensures your office phone number and location are displayed to improve response rate. With a few simple clicks, we’ll quickly set up calling for Courtesy Reminders, Confirmation Reminders or Time to Schedule appointments. With PracticeMojo Automated Phone Reminders you’ll also see a reduction in overtime becasue we can make calls after hours and even on the weekends. Let PracticeMojo handle the daily task of confirming your appointments while you take advantage of the valuable time your staff gains to spend with patients.