Here’s why dentists and their patients love our AutoConfirmation solution:

When it comes to patient communications and reminders, we believe efficiency is key. Nothing is worse than a system that isn’t reliable, streamlined, or organized – which is why our AutoConfirmation was built to help you save time and keep front-office processes as easy as possible.

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Patient Confirmations Received and Recorded Instantly

AutoConfirmation from PracticeMojo is the quickest and easiest way to confirm patient appointments. So, how does it work?

Based on your preferences or a patient’s preferences, PracticeMojo will email, text, or call your patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment. In the communication, patients will be prompted to confirm their appointment by replying “yes” or pressing one on their phone.

Once a patient confirms their spot, PracticeMojo’s software will automatically mark their appointment as “confirmed” within your practice management system. This way you can save time with an automated process and easily view who has and has not yet confirmed an appointment.

PracticeMojo Dashboard

Family Messaging Features: Streamlined Communications for the Entire Family

We group each family’s appointment confirmations into a single communication, making it easy to schedule new family appointments. We then update each one of those appointments for you. Need to make a change to one or the other? PracticeMojo makes it easy to directly contact the office for any special circumstances.

Automated Doesn’t Mean Impersonal

Just because you are automating patient communications to save time and money does not mean that personalization and human connection should be sacrificed.

Through our software, we will notify you and your practice of any patient changes such as appointment cancellations, confirmations, and questions. We send alerts via your dashboard and email so you can instantly see the communication and easily respond to the patient in real-time.

Well-timed Communications

We’ve been working with dentists and their patients for nearly two decades, and as a result, know exactly what the patient is looking for when it comes to receiving communications from their dentist.

The key is to send your communications to patients at the perfect time to ensure a high response rate. Whether you’re confirming an appointment, requesting a review, or sending a birthday greeting, we can help you reach patients at the perfect time and by various communication channels. These include dental email reminders, text messages, phone calls, and even branded postcards.

Plus, our dental confirmation software works 24/7 so you don’t have to. We will reach patients late afternoon, after hours and even on weekends to ensure we’re still working for you, even when you’re off the clock.

Dental Practice Postcards