Dentists with Open Dental Love PracticeMojo

As a dentist, we know that running an efficient practice is key to your success. That’s why PracticeMojo effortlessly integrates with the Open Dental practice management system to save you time, money, and headaches at the office.

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To install, our team links onto your practice management servers and configures the settings to work with the system. What results in nearly no time at all is our ability to see which patients need recalls and reminders, and send them on your behalf. You save time while keeping appointment books full and cancellations minimal.

Here are a few other reasons why dentists with Open Dental love working with PracticeMojo for their automated patient recalls and reminders:

  • We help you reach 100% of patients via phone call, text message, email and direct mail
  • On average, you get $50 back for every dollar spent with us
  • Add an average of 2.5 new appointments to your practice per day
  • Access a full-suite dental marketing solution that offers everything from patient communications and social media to dental websites and online reviews
  • Zero contracts or commitments

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