In the age of instant communication with email and text – direct mail and postcards can seem to be a lost art. While many businesses have cut back on sending direct mail, it should still be part of your appointment recall and reminder communication plan.

There are many benefits to sending postcards to your patients:

  • Reach patients: While an email can be easily missed or ignored, direct mail is a sure-fire way to ensure your communications are being seen. And, typically, dentists who use dental postcard marketing have seen a 750% return on their investment(!).
  • Occasion: Sending a text or email to say “Happy Birthday!” may feel a bit awkward or invasive but a nice postcard to let your patients know you’re thinking of them is a nice touch.
  • Staying Power: Unlike a text message or phone call that will be looked at on the phone and deleted or forgotten immediately, a postcard is tangible, can be left on the counter or put on the refrigerator to remind a patient to schedule or attend an upcoming appointment.
  • Stand out from the noise: We practically live on our phones and are constantly bombarded by 100+ emails a day, group and individual text messages, phone calls, and more. Direct mail can actually help you stand out from the noise and get seen by patients.

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Direct Mail Dental Marketing Postcards for Every Occasion

Whether you need to remind patients about an upcoming appointment, request patients make an upcoming appointment, or simply want to send a birthday or holiday greeting – PracticeMojo makes it easy for you to reach patients in their mailbox.

Our system customizes each and every postcard on your behalf. You simply select an image from our library, customize the text, and include any relevant information you want to have on the mail piece. Then, we handle the rest – including sending your postcard to the patient.

Standout in the Mailbox

Mailboxes are notoriously crowded – whether it’s virtual or in real life.

We help you stand out in the mailbox by providing hundreds of designs to choose from with powerful images and strong calls to action so patients know what to do next. Your logo can be included to build brand loyalty and help patients immediately recognize your practice.

Dental Practice Postcards

Because you can fully customize every single dental reminder card, you have full capability to create a one-of-a-kind piece that patients will love.

Plus, all our dental recall and reminder postcards are mailed with a first class stamp. This way if the postcard can’t get to a patient, it’ll be sent back to your practice – signaling that you have outdated information and can prompt you to reach the patient to update their records.

Quality You Can Feel

The purpose of dental postcard marketing is to evoke action – and they also have staying power where patients will keep it out on the counter or on the fridge. We take this to heart and make sure our postcards are high-quality and something that patients won’t mind keeping out.

We utilize high-quality, 12 pt. stock paper and UV coating to ensure they convey a strong and professional image of your practice and don’t get lost in the other mail. Click here to request a sample that can be sent to your office.

Start Reaching 100% of Patients Today

Our postcards are top quality for a great value and you can get up to 100 free postcards each month within the Partnered and Managed plans.

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