Make it Easy for Patients to Choose Your Practice

Increase your patient count by offering new and existing patients a simple way to schedule an appointment time right from your practice website. Patients can access a calendar you control, allowing them to see open availability, and request a time that works best for their busy schedules. This add-on feature to PracticeMojo even works on mobile phones, so busy patients can make their new appointments on-the-go.

Streamline Scheduling for Patients and Staff

Fill your calendar more efficiently by offering your patients a way to book 24/7 online, so your staff can focus on critical practice needs. Online appointment booking works with your practice management system, sending appointment requests to your office to approve, and a confirmation back to the patient as soon as you have approved their request, streamlining scheduling for your practice.

Control and Customize Your Availability

Online appointment booking from PracticeMojo gives you the control to pick what works best for your patients and staff. Manage the availability of your calendar by setting preferences, like requiring new patients to book longer appointments or varying preferences to account for time out of the office. See your requested appointments and approve them if they fit your desired schedule.

Flexibility for Your Entire Team

Every practice has different preferences when it comes to procedures and availability. Online appointment booking can help. Choose which provider calendars are available for booking, allowing one provider to accept new patients while the others don’t. You can also manage the procedures available for each team member and utilize their unique strengths. We’ll help you set up the perfect system for your entire team. You review and decide which appointments to accept and schedule.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Providing online appointment booking supports the needs of your busy patients, helps you stand out from the crowd, and increases patient satisfaction. Online appointment booking removes the barrier to entry for new patients, encourages them to take the next step and book their first appointment with minimal effort. And offering your existing patients a new way to book proves you’re always thinking of how to make their oral health a top priority.

Help Patients Fill Your Appointment Book!

Make it easy for new and existing patients to book new appointments with your dental practice. Request a demo and explore all the customizable features of PracticeMojo’s Online Booking platform.