PracticeMojo is the culmination of our 20-year quest to bring dental practices a simple, inexpensive option that not only assists with patient communications, but revolutionizes the way you market your practice to current and prospective patients, all while saving you time, money and stress. Backed by over 40 years of dental marketing expertise, our Practice Coaches not only understand PracticeMojo, but dental marketing as well. We’ll work directly with you, to make sure you’re getting the maximum results you can.

We Understand Small Business

PracticeMojo, just like you is a small business. No big corporate office or private jets here, just hardworking dedicated Practice Coaches. As part of our company culture we’ll never outsource our call center, pass off your request to multiple departments, and most importantly we’ll never ever force you to sign a long-term contract.

We Know What We’re Talking About

The number one thing you’ll love about PracticeMojo is our friendly, always willing to help Practice Coaches. That’s right! Practice Coaches, not account managers or sales reps. No other software employs Practice Coaches as their customer service representatives. That’s because no other software understands dental marketing or cares about the success of your practice dental marketing like PracticeMojo. Our Practice Coaches are trained in more than just PracticeMojo. They understand dental marketing inside and out and will work with your practice from any angle to help you succeed.