Being part of the PracticeMojo Affiliate program pays you for referring a client, friend, colleague, or a complete stranger.  As an affiliate, you”ll get:

  • Unlimited referral commissions on closed leads
  • Zero sign up fees or program fees
  • 100% sales and support follow-up
  • No Contracts
  • Monthly plans starting at $179
  • PracticeMojo tier-3 sales and customer support
  • Branded marketing collateral for both online and off
  • One on one product training


The results of PracticeMojo speak for themselves. PracticeMojo on average adds 50 new appointments a month to customer’s schedules through its dental recall alone. And with 275 other campaign types we’ll be saving the office countless hours while filling and confirming the schedule. All in all it means more referrals for you. Once sign up, simply have your clients mention your name, or call us in directly with a lead and we’ll work the customer on your behalf. Once they GoLive with the service (with no contract of course) you’ll receive credit!


Get it working for you! – Join the Affiliate Program

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